The Energy of Art!

Have you ever stood before the ocean, sand at your feet, and marveled at the sounds of the waves? Why do people long for it, seek solace there, immerse themselves in the water as a form of retreat or sheer joy?

Have you ever stood on a mountain and literally felt it's power and magnificence?

Me too.

Those are just two examples of the power of natural energy at it's finest. My WAFE Workshop helps bring those natural energies to our fingertips and into our art. 


When we draw on nature, or creative engagement with words, color, lines and form, we want to understand ourselves as vividly multi-dimensional and profoundly capable. With that intention, I have created this energy workshop based around four areas of focus.

Each area represents nature's gateway into greater creativity, self-awareness and harmony. They have for centuries. The WAFE Workshop covers four energies, water, air, fire and earth as a launching point for creativity. These new projects are full of energy, heart and soul. We will focus on each energy separately, and then together.


We will be honoring items from nature as much as possible on our artful journey, including watercolor,, charcoal, pigments and other amazing elements from the earth. You probably have several of these items in your art supply box right now!

Creativity and making art intuitively has been a huge part of my own practice the last few years and has been the core of so many positive changes in myself, my family and my business.

I really believe that using your creativity and making intuitive art by tapping into these four elements of nature can help you:

  • learn more about your path and your purpose
  • access and connect with your inner wisdom
  • invite more mindfulness into your life
  • express yourself, your true self through creativity
  • get back into your best creative flow

There will be art assignments (or projects) for each of the four elements, and then toward the end of the workshop we will bring them all together and create a harmonious, energy inspired canvas. Some of the energy elements will feature bonus projects you will want to create! Join me as we create art using the elements of energy to breath new life into our creative process! Which energy element will you be drawn to? Which element will you learn the most about yourself from? 



You will have access to this workshop for one year. 

Nothing physical will be sent to you. This is an online workshop with 5+ hours of videos, graphics and content. High speed internet is needed. You can access the workshop from any device. 


Supply list will be provided upon registration.

Register for WAFE Workshop: here