3 Favorites from Recent Creative Sessions

I’m sitting here on a quiet afternoon, sipping a latte and checking into blogland! I have a few favorite sketches to share and a painting. Yes I finally put something together with color…lol. First tho, the sketches. They have been in my sketch journal…just pencils and charcoal.

This image came together quickly and I kept going because it reminded me of a couple people close to my heart. There is a photo (in a drawer upstairs) taken by a professional photographer in a the back of a grocery store when my sis and I were very small. I am the older sister. I think it was the first photo taken of my sis and I when she wasn’t a baby. So it showed a relationship of her and I. My Mom always loved that photo because it was one of the only photos my baby sister ever smiled in. Ahhh. Anyway…it’s strange how sketching can bring forth memories like that! This sketch also reminds me of the relationship between my daughter and myself.



This next journal sketch looks wonky but it was fun. I’m all about fun with sketching and keeping going until something happens! I drew the figures almost entirely without lifting the pencil. I need to do that more.


This canvas has have so many lives. It’s been painted over a few times now. This morning I sealed it. Done deal.


It’s so rich in texture. That is probably my fav part…but I also love the wonky flowers.:)It’s a pretty big canvas. I think it’s 18×24.


I’ll wrap up this post with that little looky loo who always make me smile….hope you are having a great day!



In the works…

What do these people have in common? Registered nurse, yoga instructor, psychotherapist, attorney, artist, clinical therapist, CEO of her home, behavioral therapist, and herbalist have in common? Well, they are all skillfully trained essential oil instructors and we have all pulled our time and resources to put together a great class! These smart and loving women (on my team) are from all over the country and we are joining forces online to bring forth this class to help others.



I am so looking forward to this online event! It’s going to help a lot of peeps! How did I get so lucky? LMK if you want to get in on it. Mind blowing!


Books have always been a treasure for me. I hold many of the stories and lessons I have learned from books near and dear to my heart. But, the value of a good book (story) isn’t what this post is about.

We recently did some updating in our living spaces. It was so needed! I’ve been relishing in the process of renewing the space. One of the things I’ve done is pulling books from this shelf and that one to create some stories with the titles of the books. Bookscaping. Maybe you do this too?


I like to tell stories with the titles, but the color of the book, and the size are also important factors for my bookscaping. It’s like putting together a puzzle…that tells a story.

This stack is coming together but still needs some tweaking. Not quite right yet.


I like to look in the bargain section of my local book store. Also, I have found some great books at insane prices at my local Half Price Bookstore.  Ahhhh—-love that! I also found several beautiful art books there. They have a much larger selection that the full price books at my local chain bookstore. That makes me sad, but I am glad I found that secret source and had to share with you!

Here is a wall that is still a work in progress, but coming right along. I am hoping to add some of my art work over the TV soon. That’s another post for another day.


One more stack before I go…this one has some books I’ve collected for a long time. It was taller, but my daughter really wanted a couple of the vintage ones for her bookscaping!:)


Screaming Pencils Portraits

For the last few months I have been listening to the pencils. By that I mean, I’ve been listening when they beg me to put them in my hands and put them on paper…and go from there. It wasn’t always rewarding. It was messy at first. It still is, but I have gotten used to that and it doesn’t bother me as much now. It’s a part of the process.

I have to create. I just do. So when the pencils screamed, I had to listen and act. I have so enjoyed digging deeper and bringing forth these people…with their individuality, and imperfections, their style and emotion!

I am happy to say that I have added these portraits (and a couple others painted pieces) to my shop.


Some are on watercolor paper, and some are on charcoal paper. The ones on charcoal paper have a raw aesthetic and I am so loving that. There are layers upon layers and areas where my fingers have rubbed tones and charcoal deeply into the paper. There is such a richness to that. Some of the papers are warped a bit from the weight of the paints and I love that too. They will be so beautiful framed! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Who’s Making Art? This Girl.

It has been COLD here this week! When it’s this cold I brew more coffee and burrow myself in my studio. The sunlight up there helps me a lot these days! Here are a few things I have to share this week.




Another attempt at figure work…


I have been so focused on drawing these past 2 months. Ahhh! I love it, but I am itching to get back into paints. I feel like I have grown so much as a result of the portrait work and the tonal work from charcoals. I don’t want to lose that, but I don’t want to lose working with acrylics, either. Sooooo wish me luck!

I have a big crush on these 2 oils right now. I’ve been using them (together) for a lil over a week now, layered, on my wrists. Soooo lovely. I wish my blog had smellovision!


Okay, off to paint! Again, wish me luck!