Studying Under the Masters: Portraits and Self Portraits

I’ve got some exciting news to share! There is a great Online Course coming up very soon, and I’m really honored to be a part of it. When Jeanne contacted me about participating earlier this Spring, I knew right away I wanted to do this. I told her “yes, of course I’ll teach” because I *love* learning new things, and portraits are my jam, you guys. I get lost in them.

I love looking at portraits, creating my own, and creating imaginary ones and I use all sorts of various media to do it. Faces….are my favorite. 5 minute faces, 50 minute faces, 5 hour faces… love them all. I love to watch them come to life. Line after line, stroke after stroke and of course layer after layer. Layers are where it’s at. If you have never created a portrait, maybe you can’t identify with my passion for portraits. Hmmmm. maybe it’s worth looking into?!:)

Soooooo, yeah, this is going to be fun! Check out the fabulous artists teaching this Course:

studying under the masters teachers with names

I am a big fan of lots of these artists—so this is going to be fun! I love how Jeanne has incorporated artists from all over the world! That’s pretty cool. Each of us are picking a Master Artist and studying beneath them. Interpreting their work, identifying their styles in order to pinpoint our style (even it’s ever changing). That is how we artists (you and me) find your creative voice.

studyingunderthemasters artist quote

With practice, the apprentice becomes a master in their own light – mixing together old and new. I really really like the sound of that. If you have ever attended a class somewhere or sat and took classes (in real life or online), or read an artist’s book, and learned that artist’s favorite mediums and methods for creating “____” (fill in the blank)? Afterwards, you sat and wondered to yourself “what is my style”?  Have you ever been afraid to create art that was inspired by another artist? Then this Course is for you.

portaits and self-portraits

There is a side variety of Masters being studied in this Course; Picasso, Van Gogh, Blair, Whiteley and Beckmann. How wonderful, right?! My energy level rises just thinking about it!!


This 6 week Course (yeah 6 weeks!) begins September 30, and is available for 2 years.

Early registration starts today! The Early Bird Registration is $49.

After September 1, registration will be $62.

$62 is a great value considering all that is provided, but $49?!

Gasp, that’s a little bit crazy…in a good way.

Enroll now using the live link below. I look forward to seeing you in class!

I promise ya, our art will not be the same after this Course. I just know you will grow in so many ways. So exciting isn’t it?! It is.

 After you have paid from the link above, please go to and register on the site where the course is held. Once you have registered and your account is approved you will be added to the course before the class begins on September 30th 2014.

Elaine NeidigJuly 28, 2014 - 1:41 pm

Hi Teresa,
I am so so happy that you will be one of the teachers for this coarse. I took the first one and am still working on it, but to see all my favorite artists come together. I am so over the top excited for you, I have always loved your style.

What’s on my Face

I’m fast approaching my 6 month mark in using essential oils you guys. Can you believe it? I can’t! There will be no going back, I know that much. When I find something I love, I’m committed for life and that’s the case here with EOs! I use them every day. So does my hubby and often times the boys, too. I’m going to share my morning skin care regimen with you in this 3 minute video. Ack! I don’t even leave the house without wearing lip gloss so this sharing with no make up on is well….big for me. I was telling a friend this morning I don’t think my kids have ever even me without make up on. Yeah, so this is big! But I did it. To share with you!

The bestest and most wonderful thing about what I’m using is that everything is completely natural. 100% therapeutic grade plant extracts. I know I can’t use all natural stuff on my face all the time (I wish), so when I can I do. The results are amazing and my skin has never looked better. I’m not the kind of girl who tends to put herself all that often. So excuse my “me” talk. Please. I am the girl who puts her family above herself. The one who makes sure her kids have haircuts before she has one….yeah that’s me. So, when I spend time and $ on myself, I do my homework and make sure it’s worth it. For me, using these oils is worth it. I am pretty sure I’ve mentioned Frankincense here before, and that I love Frank. Yeah, I’m a Frank-for-Lifer. And I am very loyal to my man, Frank.


I love what he does for my skin, and I love that he eases my anxiety and borderline depression. I know I wrote about that earlier this year. It feels great to have that icky stuff a thing of the past, just by putting oils on my skin every morning. Chemical free.

Here is a photo cropped from another photo recently.

Anyway, that’s my share for the day!


veronicaJuly 17, 2014 - 11:34 am

Teresa, thanks so much for posting this video. I love how you put your concoction on that small plate before applying. How simple–never occurred to me that I could do this!! I’m going to implement this regime at once! You are beautiful–with or without makeup. Thanks again for sharing!

Fun with Family

This Summer is flying by…so much for a relaxing one around here. It’s all good though. Allll of it. So good! So many great things have been happening, and so many more are in the works. Makes it fun to get out of bed everyday!

My Mom came to visit a couple weeks ago and we had the best time together.  We always do. She spoils me and I’m so grateful for her. While she was here, we declared to be Pink Day. We didn’t wear pink, but it was a day just for girls. Her and me. See what I mean by lucky? We shopped (okay we shopped a LOT) and lunched and laughed and giggled….and enjoyed the perfect pink day.


Here are some more pix from her stay with us.




I miss her and I’m already looking forward to her next visit. Which will be for operation Bridal Shower next month!:)

Our 4th of July was full of family, too. We have a tradition of spending it with my brother and sister in law. Always a good time together.




This past weekend we had more fam here. Allie and Austin. Woot! We all got together and had a yummy dinner then spent the evening on the deck enjoying each other’s company. Lilly loved giving kisses and hugs to Aunt Jo who is visiting now.



Hope your fam is getting lots of together time these days, too.

Paintbrush Adventures Online Workshop – Monday!

Yup, Monday, June 30 is opening day for my Online Workshop. I’ve been gearing up for this class the past few weeks and am soooo looking forward to it. I’ve been tucking myself in my studio and cranking out the videos.:)


There is still time to join me. You can check out the details here: my shop.

Hope you are having the best of Summer days!

Paintbrush Adventures Online Workshop

Well my computer decided to cooperate today so I’m really happy to get to share the information about my newest online workshop! It’s a biggy and I’m thrilled about it! As I said earlier, I’ve had time to spend in my studio the past couple of weeks and have really enjoyed putting this workshop together. I love to create (uhm, you know that by now)…and I love to be able to share the process and teach others to enjoy the process, too.


We will focus on line, shape, color and texture in this workshop. That’s a lot, I know. I’m all about giving you the most bang for your moo-lah, and with over 190 minutes of video for 6 projects, I plan to do just that. Paintbrush Adventures is all about making a playground with your art tools, and then letting those tools play, while your creativity races right along side.  Ready, set, GO!

Here is a little video (2 minutes) to show you better than I can tell you…

Paintbrush Adventures Short from Teresa McFayden on Vimeo.

You can see the details about the workshop in my Etsy shop: here.

Class begins June 30 and runs thru July 11

I hope you and your paintbrushes will go on this wild adventure with me. I don’t want to spill all the beans, but I promise, it’ll be the artistic highlight of your Summer!

Jackie JonesJune 18, 2014 - 11:13 am

Hi Teresa,

After I saw you post this class on instagram, I had to come checkout your site. I really love your artwork and your whimsical style! I like to work with acrylics, but have started taking online classes that use watercolors. I really enjoyed everyone’s work in Danielle Donaldson’s class.

I am more of a doodler, abstracter and like lettering. I definitely don’t do figures and faces, but I do try. I am also a huge rabbit lover, too. (:

All of your online classes look fantastic, but I am going to sign up for this class right now! Please add me to your blog subscribers!

Have a great Day,

Jackie Jones