Holiday Gift Makerie

Christmas is righttt around the corner! Ahhh!!!! I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that. If you know me, you KNOWWW how much I love Christmas. I don’t mean to sound like that crazy Target Christmas lady or anything, but I LOVE Christmas!!

I have whipped up an Online Event just in time for gift making. My shea butter lotion is to die for–and no I’m not kidding! I’ll be sharing recipe, my fav sites to order supplies from, and much more Monday, November 24, 7:00 pm Central. Want an invite?


ToniNovember 22, 2014 - 10:10 am

I want an invite!

100 Faces Challenge

Have you heard of this? I first started noticing this project on Instagram. Several of my friends and fav artists were sharing their portrait work. I fell in love.

Then came the want to…as in I want to do this 100 Faces Challenge.

Practice is the greatest teacher of all, right?

I thought about it, prayed about it, and decided to jump in. I do worry that I won’t be able to do one a day. Will I be able to keep up? Who knows. I mean YES! I will. I love it too much not to.


The way I see it, if I even spend 20 minutes a day on a portrait, that’s a good thing. So if time doesn’t allow, at least that 2o minutes working toward one is okay. I keep my journal and my watercolors and pencils out. One desk one, desk two, kitchen counter, studio, purse….they are almost always all over the house anyway. Haha. #artistprobs

I have been enjoying the process so far. I look forward to working on them, putting pencil to paper…yes. The beginnings, the middles and of course the ends. Some will be horrible, some will be good (uhm, I hope) and I will probably add those to my shop. Some will be reworked, and some will stay in my journal.

Sometimes my fav part of the process of creating for me isn’t even the end. Sometimes my fav part is in the beginning when it’s new and undeveloped and there are so many directions to take. Like an infant, really.  Here is a beginning…


I started her yesterday and she looks so different now. She will be my #5. I probably won’t share all 100 here (will I?). I will on Instagram so follow along there if you like. Just click on the Instagram icon on top of this blog (under the blog banner, on the left).

Have a great day! Go draw something.

Did I tell you?

Do you like to get lost among beautiful photographs and escorted to far away places? Do you like to read about other lives, blogs, and get empowered through stories in print? I know I do. For me, a cup of coffee, a cozy chair, and a pretty magazine is one of life’s little luxuries.

I was delighted to be featured in the current issue of Artful Blogging. Such an honor. I hope you take a peek at my article soon!:)




A couple more shares for today. The Premier Starter Essential Oils Kit (that i am still gaga about) is changing a bit this weekend. It’s almost the middle of November? Where DOES the time go? Wow. The best $150 I’ve ever spent for health and well being. Anyhoo…the kit…yes, changing. I put together a lil graphic to try to better explain it for us visual folks.

Young Living has had a huge growth spurt this past year. That’s just awesome. More people using and loving oils and wanting a healthier life style. So great! The only problem is that due to the overwhelming growth, they have a shortage in one of the key ingredients in a couple of the very popular blends in the current Starter Kit. Oh no!



To remedy that, they are replacing Valor and Peace and Calming with two different oils; Mel-A and Citrus Fresh. I have both of these new oils (because me loves me oils, oh yes me do) and they are awesome. My only problem is that I love Valor and Peace and Calming. I use them everyday.

If you have been thinking about getting this kit or want to make someone very happy this Christmas…I thought you would like to know about that change. Orders placed on and after November 17 will get the new version.

Interested in learning more about essential oils I love so much? Click on this in my right hand sidebar for class info.


Here is a quick link to get your paws on one for yourself: Premier Starter Kit

I’ll be hostessing a fabulous class just in time for the holidays—jam packed with gift giving ideas using essential oils. It’s an exclusive thang I will offer to my oil peeps. Oh man, I’m so excited about it!!! Stay tuned for more info!

Lastly, a Charliegram! We visited the newlyweds recently, and I snapped a shot of Miss Charlie. Isn’t she adorable?


( chevron, calico and polka dots )

Are you an Instagrammer? Join me over there!

Divinity and Black, White & Blue

So firstly, thank you to the prayer warriors there. Yesterday my Son had some scary dr. appointments and tests done. I am happy to report that things went ok. Whew. So thank you.  Hope all of that is past us now.




I was able to get a couple more pieces added to my shop. I have several more to add. I hope to be doing that the next few days! These two are both on 140 lb. paper, so they are ideal for framing.  Still love portrait work so much. Faces are a mystery to me. I *heart* them!  I have been filling my studio up with them tho…it’s time to share.


( Divinity )


( Black, White and Blue )

I hope you have a super weekend. I hope you get to make time for yourself, and you get some time with those you care about. And I hope you get out any enjoy the weather, too. Soon it’ll be too chilly here to spend time outside. We have a few fun things planned here…so looking forward to it! It’s my hubby’s bday soon so we will be celebrating him!

Portraits in The Shop

There are some new pieces in the Shop! I just added a couple last night.

The past couple of years I have been fascinated by faces. I paint them, I doodle them, I sketch them. I study them. I really think I could paint them everyday. For the past couple of months, I think I actually have painted, sketched or doodled at least one face everyday!

I also love these 4x12x2 canvases. They are a bit hard to get, but I stocked up and should be good for a while.


( Portrait of Claire, 4x12x2  )


(  Portrait of Tiffany 4x12x2 )

You can check them out in my Etsy Shop: here. I did some remodeling in my Etsy shop, too.:)

Lastly, a little prayer request.  If you are so inclined, I sure could use your prayers for my son and myself today as we face some most unpleasant Dr. visits. I hope and pray that it’s all nothing, but you just never know.

Thank you prayer warriors.


Patti AshtonNovember 6, 2014 - 10:27 am

You have my prayers, Theresa! Beautiful work!

Tracy LathropNovember 6, 2014 - 11:34 pm