My Oil Anniversary Continues

Today is THE day! My official oil anniversary.:)Woot! To do this day proud, I thought I would write about the first oil I used the day my Premier Starter Kit arrived.


I had a cold and a cough the day my merry box of oils came. I remember it well because two days earlier, I was shopping with my daughter and her friends for wedding dresses. I was the coughing-sniffling mom at the bridal salon. Awkward. So I sat beside the diffuser that day and had Thieves Essential Oil in it. It was heaven!

Thieves is a combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata and Rosemary. Smells like awesome! Legend has it that back in the 15th Century, there were thieves who put oils in themselves so they wouldn’t get sick when they were robbing the dead and dying. When they were caught, they received a lighter sentence if they revealed their secret recipe that kept them from getting sick.

Anyhoo, I have a funny story to share. The other night my hubby and I were out to dinner in one of our fav restaurants. Just him and I…date night! Woot! The place was packed so we chose to just sit at the bar. I had a corner seat. Well. there was another couple eating at the bar, too. The gal across from me clearly should have stayed home. She was coughing and sneezing up a storm. All over the bar and food and ….ughhhhhh. After her first sneeze, I thought to myself…that lady needs some Thieves…stat! Poor thing. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I took out my Thieves spray bottle from my purse and put it on my hands. Loudly…with great expression! I hope she got the hint. Call me a germaphobe,  but that stuff works.

Studies done at Weber State University showed that the killing power of this blend against airborne microorganisms. One study showed a 90% reduction in the number of gram positive Micrococcus luteus organisms after diffusing for 12 minutes.  After diffusing for 20 minutes, the kill rate increased to 99.3%. Another study against gram negative Pseudomonas aeruginosa showed a kill rate of 99.96% after just 12 minutes of diffusion.

It’s all natural, and that’s probably my next favorite thing about that oil. Especially since hand sanitizers are getting more and more questionable these days.

When I researched about Young Living, I was so impressed with their Seed to Seal process. They are the leader in the oil industry. They own all of their farms and can therefore the entire process from seed to seal. No other oil company in the world can say that.

Here is a funny video for my fellow germaphobe friends. I’m sure you can totally relate. A friend of mine shared it…I loved it and I’m sharing it with you!

To celebrate my oil anniversary, I’ve made a couple batches of my favorite things to share with folks who get a Premier Starter Kit!


You can see the celebration treats on my post from Monday, here:

I’m wearing the Joy Solid Perfume I made right now. :)I have a couple more treats left!

Latest artwork, Dust and Ashes

Even though I’m celebrating my oil anniversary this week, I thought I would share a few pieces of my recent artwork. I’m still loving the 100 portraits challenge. These pieces have been practice—such great practice. I can’t NOT create. I just can’t. It’s in my DNA and always has been.

This is a warm tones pastels and charcoal on the back of a cereal box.:)


This is a cool tones portrait, also in pastels and charcoal, also on the back of a cereal box.


This girl? Well she’s a mess, but I like the texture.


I started Gillian Cox Smith’s class, Unearth Gather Create this month and she has us working with charcoal and pastels right now. Messy fun I do like the control you get with them.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more oil stories for my anniversary. The plot thickens.:)

It’s Kind of a Big Deal

This week I am celebrating my one year Oil Anniversary! Yup, a year ago this week I got that Premier Starter Kit from Young Living. That was by far the best thing I did for my health and my family’s health in 2014. I truly feel like a celebration is in order!!


So, I thought I would enjoy a red velvet cupcake (because…well…look at that cream cheese frosting), and then I thought I would splurge and create some treats…some mighty fine special treats if I do say so myself! I’ve shown them in more detail at the bottom of this post!

I know I have written casually about my favorite essential oils and how they have impacted my well being (emotionally and physically) his past year. If I had to pick 3 things that they’ve helps us with, I would say oils have been a game changer for:

1. my son’s allergies and sinus issues.

2. that anxiety and “dark cloud” that flares up at all the wrong times.

3. sleeping. If you have ever struggled with going to sleep, or staying asleep…you know how great you feel to get a good night sleep! Ahhh….

My very favorite oils and most used oils come in The Premier Starter Kit! That kit is amazing. It’s $150 and it comes with 11  hoardworthy oils and a diffuser. It also comes with a few samples and a roller ball that you can use to convert an oil to a more convenient roll on style if you are a gal on the go. I put it on the Stress Away bottle and keep that bad boy in my purse at all times.

How did I get started using oils? A sweet friend, Kim Mahr,  (who I watched using oils via her Facebook posts for months) was posting her big successes with this kit. I did some research on them and asked my Mom about them. I loved that Young Living has been around for 20 years, and that they own their own farms for their oils–all over the world. That’s huge! That impressed me, and honestly, working with them closer this past year makes me so glad I made chose them for my essential oils!

Here is the kit I started with. It sets you up for success immediately.


That diffuser in the photo? It’s wonderful to use aromatically. I love it. I keep that one in my studio.

A couple months ago, YL came out with a new bamboo diffuser. So now you have a choice on which one you get with your kit. It’s $10 more. Both are great, and there are a few more bells and whistles with the bamboo diffuser. Our family has both of these. Now there is less fighting!

Which Diffuser v1.1(1)

So back to my anniversary! I have whipped up some of my favorite swag bags to share with folks who purchase the Starter Kit from me this week. Oh yes I did!!


Let me describe some of the goodies…

Joy Solid Perfume … this solid perfume is in those round containers with the doily sticker on the lids. I first made some of these over the holidays to give to folks. They loved them, so I made a few more! Joy Solid Perfume is made with all natural ingredients (of course) and has a sweet floral and citrus scent. It’s beautiful. The benefits of this blend are many. I think the most widely known benefit is in the name…Joy!

Essential Oil Handbook … that is also pictured in the photo above. It’s filled with uses for the oils you get in the kit. How to use everything, how to feel better naturally. Valuable educational resource. It’s full color, 8×10…awesome.

Exclusive Access to My Lemon Tree Lounge … last year I started a private group where essential oil users can go to share stories, learn more about oils, and basically get their learn on. It’s turned into a fabulous resource and I am so grateful for that. We can come together and share our knowledge (and oil favs) with each other! I think there are 170-ish gals from all over the country in there now. So thankful!

Slow Your Roll Blend Sample … this is my personal mix. It’s nothing you can buy, but it’s a mix of some of my calming, anxiety reducing, chillaxin’ slow your roll essential oil blend. I got the recipe from a friend, and I enjoy it so much. I have gifted it to a couple people who are now believers, too.  You’re going to thank me for that lil sample.;)

Just so you know, I am giving these treats for my anniversary celebration…they aren’t from Young Living…they are from me. So don’t think you will get them from the Company. Just wanted to make that clear!

Also, I am limiting my treats to 4. I have 4 sets of these treats!

Here is a Quick Link for getting your Premier Starter Kit:

You need to click Wholesale Member…that is the only way this Kit is available.

I’ve been so many great people in this oil venture I took on this past year…so blessed. I’ve also learned an awful lot. It’s all so fascinating to me! Truly. All natural, therapeutic grade oils…who knew? I sure didn’t a year ago. But I thank the Lord for them all the time now.

Happy Oiliversary!

My Oil Anniversary ContinuesJanuary 28, 2015 - 1:57 pm

[…] You can see the celebration treats on my post from Monday, here: […]

Happy Birthday From the Men in Green

My oldest son celebrated his 21st birthday recently. Remember being 21?! I sure do. The last place he wanted to be was with us, haha. So we bribed him with dinner and gifts.:)


He still rolls his eyes at me when I try to take photos (imagine that) so I try and sneak them in when he’s not looking. The down side of that is I get blurry photos or …. eating photos….lol. I don’t care and I do it anyway.:)One of his favorite dinner spots is Cheesecake Factory. Smart boy!


He is a simple guy, with few needs so it can be tough finding “good” gifts for him. Money though? Oh he is a fan of money.:)I decided to snazz up this gift thought I would show you. This is a fun way to present money related gifts!

I used a box of chocolates as the container. This was actually a tin but boxes of chocolate are great to use, too.



Because he turned twenty one, I folded up the 20 and the one to show the “words”, but the rest of the compartments were filled with president’s faces.

He loved the gift!:)

JillJanuary 22, 2015 - 6:59 am

Great idea!! Hope his day was wonderful!

More Portraits on a Winter Day

My one hundred faces challenge is still going! I shared the first few last month, and thought I would show are few more! Of course, you can see them all on Instagram, in order…and the good ones and the rough ones, lol…

These#9 and #10 were drawn in a car on a trip. I don’t recommend that by the way…



I really enjoy doing profiles. I want to do more of that.



( Angel Within Her, Sold )

All of these are one watercolor paper. I’ve really been enjoying working on that surface lately! Never thought I would say that. Maybe it’s because it’s portable. I take my paper upstairs, downstairs, etc. for pencil work and then for painting.


This is Esther. I love her veil of blonde hair. After I painted the hair it occurred to me that it looked like a veil running down her back. That’s when she took another interesting direction.  Love it when that happens!


The ones that made the A-List can be found in my shop, here: Etsy

It is soooo cold here this week. Unbearably. Now my car isn’t starting. Boo. So I’m going to make a warm cup of coffee and get back in the studio.:)


saskiaJanuary 9, 2015 - 3:46 am

Oooh… you’re so creative! Beautiful and inspiring work!

Smiles, Saskia :)