Allie’s Big Day

Want to see what has been front and center in my mind for this year? Wanna see what I keep reliving in my mind this past week? Want to see what makes me smile and then cry in a matter of minutes? This is the day my baby girl got married.



Love is all.


The day was brisk with a bit of wind to it…but it was a beautiful Fall day! My sis managed to snap this shot behind the official photographer.



Okay I’ll back up a bit and then fast forward a bit. The morning of the wedding day the 7 bridesmaids, mom and flower girl had an early appointment at a fantastic salon.



Girl time is the best! Then we scooted to the church and finished getting ready.

Then tons of photos. And then more photos. Hours of photos really. Then the wedding ceremony which was at 2:00. The church was an old Catholic church…built in 1901 I think. Very old school and beautiful. We all loved that. I can’t wait to share better photos of the altar because it is powerful and like something straight out of Italy. My sis in law captured it as best she could…


My other sis in law captured this sweet shot during the ceremony.:)


After the ceremony, the wedding party jumped on a party bus and took more photos around the town. Then they were on to the reception at 6:00 on the west side of town.

Here are the photos I took before the ballroom doors opened…so romantic!













Time for a toast. The Maids of Honor and Best Mens toasts were sweet and hilarious respectively. Sigh…still laughing thinking about them. Then came her daddy’s toast…sniff sniff…



I snapped a few photos here and there. My sweet Mom and sis…


Austin’s darling parents. We got to know them well these past few years at several meets and then at Austin and Allie’s college graduation. Love them!



The boys even found some dance partners…


The cupcake bar was so festive.




Still time for a slow one…


Thanks to my sis in law for getting a photo of me with my sis…


My heart is full!


Sharon BullOctober 23, 2014 - 10:56 am

What a beautiful wedding! Best wishes to the Bride and Groom.

JanetOctober 23, 2014 - 1:50 pm

Everything and everyone – so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Wedding Wonderfulness

Our family spent a long weekend in a wedding wonderland! It was magical and everything we had hoped for–and more.  We are feeling so very blessed and so happy for the newlyweds.

I didn’t take enough photos….of course. But I have some to share.:)I will start with the day before photos. The Rehearsal dinner was at The Ding Darling Refuge, right on the river.  Very picturesque on a Fall evening. Beautiful sunset.


It was so neat having the two families come together for the first time. Family and friends came from all over…Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, New York, Missouri, Nevada and Michigan. That rarely happens ( on our side of the family) so it was extra special!

Oops, a photo of Charlie (the newlyweds kitty) slipped in….she was just chilling…
We were busy bees the day before the wedding…prepping.:)Both families!
I even caught a smooch…awww.
TTomorrow I will share pix of more festivities!:)

PreWedding Prepping…

We are in the homestretch for our daughter’s wedding festivities! That’s hard to believe! If you were a fly on the wall around here you would have witness serious glitter flying, a whole lot of painting, cutting, trimming, ribboning, and sequins sprinkled across the floor. SO. MUCH. FUN! Thank goodness we can text, face time and send photos to each other in an instant. LOTS of that going on!

The bride has forbidden me to share any photos whatsoever. Several folks have asked to see the preplanning and dresses, and such…but I’m sworn to secrecy and need to respect her wishes.

I can’t wait to share pix and invite you to celebrate with our family. Even though it’s thru the internet.:)Soon!

KymmieOctober 11, 2014 - 7:53 pm

I am so excited to see your creations!

Let’s Go Together

I have shown pix of this piece recently, and want to share the finished piece. The color drenched canvas is off to it’s owner now, and I miss it! It’s the largest piece I have done to date.



This piece will be the focal point in the cutest little girl’s bedroom. How fun is that? She has the sweetest amount of spark and joy in her eyes….I loved meeting her and her family earlier this year.  Her bigger sis is also in the painting, along with their ragdoll kitties.



( Let’s Go Together, 36×48″ )

Here are a close up of time flying (because it does) and the little deer, who symbolizes the sweet girl’s baby brother. Where ever they are headed, he wants to go with them.





triciaOctober 4, 2014 - 7:39 pm

What a beautiful painting! Love the time flying!

Sharon BullOctober 15, 2014 - 11:06 am

I love large paintings and this one is gorgeous!

Studying Under the Masters Starts Monday!

The paints been flying in my studio this week! I’ve been prepping for Studying Under the Masters-Portraits! I’m really excited to be a part of this online Course. It’s 6 week Course and each of the 6 instructors will be presenting a Master Artist and studying under them.

These are the talented Artists I will be joining in this Course:

September 30th- Jeanne Oliver
October 6th- Teresa McFayden
October 13th- Gillian Lee Smith
October 20th- Robin Fingher
October 27th- Cori Dantini
November 3rd- Jane Davenport


I chose to study under Pablo Picasso. That’s a very tall order isn’t it? Go big or go home…that’s my life motto! Absolutely.

I have always been enamoured by so many of Picasso’s styles and this past month I have been experimenting and studying and learning so much more than I already knew. I have gathered and created a lot of techniques (both his and mine) to share for this exciting Course. I’m sure the other Artist’s have too!


This Course takes place in all the Artist’s and Master’s studios really, but we all come together and share in Jeanne Oliver’s dedicated creative Ning site. It’s a glorious place to be. There will be a lot of interaction between the Artists and students…which I love.

studyingunderthemasters artist quote

The Course begins Monday, September 30. Can’t wait! The Course is $62 and you have 2 years of access to it, which is plenty of time to soak it all in over and over–all in the comfort of your own studio or favorite armchair.


You can register here:

See you in class, Monday!:)