Peonies and a Class Peek

It’s peony time here. OMG they make me so happy! Those giant puff balls of petals become the star of the yard. I had this bouquet of daisies and carnations, and when I added the peonies this bouquet became a show stopper.


Gorgeous, right? So glad I brought some inside. Every time I walk by them I smile. Can’t help it!



Those blooms were from the front yard and are more pastel pink. The backyard peonies are this wonderful hot pink.



Not sure why they have that white ashy stuff on the leaves. I hope this peony bush is ok? I seem to remember it last year, too, so I think it is.

I’ve been workin on some things for my upcoming online class. It’s going to be all about portraits. I will have more to share soon but here is a peek. As you know, portraits have been my jam this year. I love making them so much. I don’t wanna spill the beans…but stay tuned!


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cynthiaJune 26, 2015 - 9:25 pm

teresa, look up powdery mildew for your bee-you-tee-full peonies.

Keep Going. The Making of a Portrait.

I just finished my 2nd largest canvas ever! Feels so good to say that! Not going to lie, this piece took me a while to bring forth. It went thru the typical cycle of paintings. I thought I would share them with you…as I am sure you can relate. I have some photos in the various stages to share.

This 24x48x1 canvas. On an easel in my studio. You can get an idea of the size it is in proportion to the chair in front of it, right? Yeah, big for me.



I started off roughly knowing what I wanted to do (so that was a plus) and I put brush to canvas and got started.



Then came the ugly awkward stage. The stupid…give up…walk away and never come back point. You know the one. I hated this piece. So much of what I’d done wasn’t working. Frustration wins for a few days. Maybe even weeks.



There is always that voice that says trash it. Start over. Try again. But, there is a small voice that says keep going. That’s the voice…the whisper…that I listen to. That’s the voice I know best.



It gets better…promise.

See? A tweak her and there…less black outlines, and a major nose and mouth redo.



So I had the woman looking better. Thank you, Lord. The next struggle was a biggy, too. What to do with the sky? What color…what mood am I making here? The colors say as much about a piece as the lines do.

So I took a risk and went to work. It worked! Better than I had even imagined. I love it when that happens. Risk = good!



Here is the finished piece.



My hubby hung the 24×48 yesterday and we had the big reveal.




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Vaness Kiki JohanningMay 26, 2015 - 9:26 pm

I think it’s fabulous !!! Loved seeing the stages… It’s hard to go through them but your are so right. Just need to keep pushing through !!! Xoxoxo


Checking in…

Well where did this month go? I have been MIA I think….well not really, but I’ve been busy and not made time to blog, sadly! Firstly, I’ve been working on a new online art workshop that I am excited about. I was shooting for an art filled Spring but now it’s looking more like early Summer.

All was going great, and then it wasn’t. Our youngest son has had some hernia issues these past couple of weeks and it’s been overwhelming and scary and just the yuc. Poor guy has been in an out of the hospital four times this month. Just when things seem like they are improving there is a plot twist and back in we go. It’s just gotta get better, right? It just has to. Prayers for his health and healing are sure appreciated. I know I have been a prayer warrior 24/7 this past couple of weeks.

IMG_2331_2( Snickers and AJ, March 2015 )

What would we do without our kiddos? They are just my world. They are!


( Easter, 2015 )

I hope to have some workshop details to share soon. More doctor appointments today, but hopefully I will get some time to focus and create soon. My sanity sure could use a couple more hours in the day for some creativity!




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JulieannApril 29, 2015 - 10:35 am

Hi Teresa:
So sorry to learn about your son’s hernia complications and how disruptive this medical crisis has been for all of you.

Hope your beloved son feels better soon and that you will soon have protected time to pursue your creative endeavors.



3 Favorites from Recent Creative Sessions

I’m sitting here on a quiet afternoon, sipping a latte and checking into blogland! I have a few favorite sketches to share and a painting. Yes I finally put something together with color…lol. First tho, the sketches. They have been in my sketch journal…just pencils and charcoal.

This image came together quickly and I kept going because it reminded me of a couple people close to my heart. There is a photo (in a drawer upstairs) taken by a professional photographer in a the back of a grocery store when my sis and I were very small. I am the older sister. I think it was the first photo taken of my sis and I when she wasn’t a baby. So it showed a relationship of her and I. My Mom always loved that photo because it was one of the only photos my baby sister ever smiled in. Ahhh. Anyway…it’s strange how sketching can bring forth memories like that! This sketch also reminds me of the relationship between my daughter and myself.



This next journal sketch looks wonky but it was fun. I’m all about fun with sketching and keeping going until something happens! I drew the figures almost entirely without lifting the pencil. I need to do that more.


This canvas has have so many lives. It’s been painted over a few times now. This morning I sealed it. Done deal.


It’s so rich in texture. That is probably my fav part…but I also love the wonky flowers.:)It’s a pretty big canvas. I think it’s 18×24.


I’ll wrap up this post with that little looky loo who always make me smile….hope you are having a great day!



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In the works…

What do these people have in common? Registered nurse, yoga instructor, psychotherapist, attorney, artist, clinical therapist, CEO of her home, behavioral therapist, and herbalist have in common? Well, they are all skillfully trained essential oil instructors and we have all pulled our time and resources to put together a great class! These smart and loving women (on my team) are from all over the country and we are joining forces online to bring forth this class to help others.



I am so looking forward to this online event! It’s going to help a lot of peeps! How did I get so lucky? LMK if you want to get in on it. Mind blowing!

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