New Art, Just in Time for the Holidays!

I just added some new pieces to the shop! I hope you will pop over for a visit. Here is a peeky peek. As you can see, I’m still loving portraits…faces…expressions…and the emotions that develop with a switch of paint and scratch of a pencil.



(Portrait of Jess,  9×12  Sold  )

( Bird on her Head,  9×12  $45 Sold  )


Thank you for your continued support of my creative expressions! Whether you took a class from me this year, or purchased some of my artwork…I appreciate it more than you ever know. Thank you for supporting shopping small and for supporting the little guys this holiday season!

Crafting with the Girls

It’s what we do. Can’t help it. Gotta get our creative mojo going when we get together over the holidays. Last year arm knitted scarves. Hilarious. You can check out that post here.

This year we upped our game and did 2 crafts. I use that term loosely. To me, these aren’t very crafty at all. They are just cool.



We used big momma honkin’ metal letters (from Hobby Lobby). Turned them over and filled them with styrofoam, then added moss to the styrofoam. So cool! We had two H’s, a W, and an M. I didn’t get a photo of all of them…but they look great.

The other project (let’s not say craft anymore), was painting a quote on a slice of wood. I have been wood obsessed for a couple months now. Ahhhh. Are you, too? This was a neat project that Jeanne Oliver did in her Woodland Girls Class last month. We changed it up a little and had a great time!

Here is Allie’s.




I didn’t get a photo of my Moms…shux. Allie finished hers and my Mom’s that night. Sas…well I think she will share hers soon. She didn’t get time to finish hers.


I finished mine yesterday.


Now, where to hang it….hmmmm…


Soon I’ll be posting some new artwork in my shop. Stay tuned!:)

Thanksgiving in OKC

So we turned the calendar to December, but my heart is still in November. Specifically Thanksgiving. We had such a nice trip!! Ahhhh….always fun to visit family.

The long drive was hard on this one…


I had very big plans of sketching on the long trip. Even made a huge travel art supply bag, but Lilly ended up on my lap for about 6 hours instead. Sigh… it was really hard to sketch in the car anyway. What was I thinking?


Thanksgiving was wonderful. Great food. Great people. Great weather. Lots of laughs, games, and just an overall super day.  Still feeling blessed.


My Mom’s dining room table was beautiful. As always. I didn’t bring my big camera, but snapped some pix with my phone.


Close ups of her beautiful centerpiece. We all drooled over it. Those pumpkins! Ahhhh…



Her velvet pumpkin collection is impressive. Here are more…


They are tucked into lots of Fall vignettes. She got these Dr. Seuessish (is that a word?) green dangling twigs when she was here last Summer. Love how they fall off the mantle.



The kids played lots of games.



I won’t reveal who won at Poker. Or who lost…yikes. It was epic!


Poor Lil, the drive was bad enough, but she was a scaredy dog the whole trip.


This guy made it abundantly clear he did not want to be friends! Morris, you are a good kitty. We still love you.


Day two, the guys watched football and then went to a Thunder Basketball game. The girls went…you guessed it…


Ahhhh! We went to some of the neatest boutiques downtown. Plenty Merchantile, so wonderful. It’s in Automobile Alley, an area we had never been to. Awesome!! Very close by was Verdigris.



Lots of great antiques and finds there. So clean…I really liked that. We also went to Farmhouse Fancy in Yukon. Loved that sweet store! I’ll have to show you the things I got there. We also went to Anthropologie because of the great sale. Next door was West Elm. Fun store too.


Another fav was Blue 7.

We made 2 crafts this year. If you remember last year, we did arm knitting. Ohmywordthatwashilarious. I will show what we did tomorrow! See ya then!


100 Faces Coming Right Along

I have been loving creative time to devote to these faces.

Obviously I spent more time on some than others.  Some might get more work, and some might not. If it feel like a piece has good bones, I keep going.  Can’t wait to make more!



Holiday Gift Makerie

Christmas is righttt around the corner! Ahhh!!!! I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that. If you know me, you KNOWWW how much I love Christmas. I don’t mean to sound like that crazy Target Christmas lady or anything, but I LOVE Christmas!!

I have whipped up an Online Event just in time for gift making. My shea butter lotion is to die for–and no I’m not kidding! I’ll be sharing recipe, my fav sites to order supplies from, and much more Monday, November 24, 7:00 pm Central. Want an invite?


ToniNovember 22, 2014 - 10:10 am

I want an invite!