Wrapping up a great Summer

Labor Day means the end of Summer to me, and to most people I suppose. While I’m always sad to see it go, I love September! The temps cool down a bit, school is back in session, the days are quieter in our house, and I enjoy brisk nights around a glowing fire pit, too. Add roasted marshmallows and I’m in heaven! Before I get too far ahead of myself tho, I have a few memories of Summer. These capture it well.


( our budding photographer )


( going BIG in the studio )


( early morning Aebelskiver making with Drake )


( Roadtrippers )


( My pretty BDay cake )


( Bday celebrating )


 ( Impromptu Summer dinner. Isn’t my sis in law’s vintage china gorgeous? )


( a new fav Summer dessert. Why just Summer? )


( fresh flowers in the kitchen )


( Time with these sweeties )


( Time with these sweeties, too )


 (Playing games on the deck )


( 4th o July fun )


( He out grilled himself with these smoked ribs )


( Doodles and paint in my Paintbrush Adventure Online Workshop )


( Farmers Market with my Momma )


( smiles x 3 )


( Wine Festival )


( Allie and Charlie, can’t forget Charlie! )

That was fun for me. Ahhhh…

Now back to September. We just picked lots of tomatoes and peppers from the garden…finally ready. I’m off to attempt to make homemade salsa. Gaa! It wasn’t that hot here and our tomatoes took longer than usual. But we are rocking and rolling now! And we have way too many jalapeno peppers…so I’m open to hearing your favorite homemade salsa recipes.:)

Soon I will be sharing a special sumpin’ about prepping for allergy/cold season. That’s the bad part about September I suppose. It arrives without warning. This year I am one UP on you allergy monsters. Stay tuned!

It’s Almost Fall, Wow.

Hope you are in the midst of a great day, friend! I have had a busy week. Our youngest had surgery a few days ago and he is keeping me busy, to say the least. The day after that, my hubby decided to dive to the ground to help rescue our dog who got out and was headed toward another dog. Both dogs were fine, but hubby cracked 2 ribs trying to be so heroic. So I have been nursing both son and hubby back to better health. Ahhhh!

Today is looking much better tho. I have been getting a lot done already. Yay for that!

This week I got my issue of Somerset Apprentice in the mail. Stampington Publications stole my heart many many years ago, and it’s always an honor to be featured in any of them.  Here is a peek at the article featuring my artwork and my thoughts on creating:


If you aren’t a subscriber, go check it out at your fav bookstore! It’s the Autumn, 2014 Issue. Here is the cover:



Now that my guys are back in school, I’ve been getting in the mood for Fall. How about you? I love this time of year! To pieces!!

It’s Back to School time for sure. I’ve stocked up on some of our essential oils for helping with school and oh, you know….life.:)Allergy season is just around the corner, and I will NOT be caught off guard this Fall! Nope nope. We have a good stock of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint and will be diffusing it daily so allergies won’t be an issue this Fall. You know I love my oils.:)The Valor and Peace and Calming Blend is so helpful at bedtime. It helps Mr. I Am Wide Awake at 10:00 pm slow his roll so he can get the sleep he needs for the next day.

You should see his schedule this year. It’s a rough one. Great night’s sleep and a big brother to tutor him in Algebra 3-4 and AP Chemisty is going to be a blessing. I use the Valor and Peace and Calming for the best night’s sleep, too!


This morning I updated my Essential Oils 101 Class as well! If you haven’t taken it, you can click on it in the right sidebar over there for the deeeeeee-tails.


Don’t forget this is coming up, ‘cuz I’m really excited about it! Gaaaaa!!! Class starts September 30 and you don’t want to miss it!

studying under the masters teachers with names


Where can you register? Right here!

MollyAugust 21, 2014 - 12:10 pm

Hi Teresa,

I am so delighted to learn that you are featured in Somerset Apprentice. Like you, I am a devoted fan of their many publications. A while back they asked for names of artists whose work we would like to see featured in their magazines. I sent in your name-only yours! I would love to think that in some small way that I contributed to your being featured! You are a perfect fit for their publications and I am hopeful that many more wonderful opportunities will come your way. Sincerely, Molly

Tracy LathropAugust 21, 2014 - 10:32 pm

Congrats girlie!! You so deserve this!!

That Bridal Shower

It’s hard to believe that Allie’s wedding is two months from today! Wow! There is still a lot to be done, but there is a lot done, too…whew. Her and her groom are enjoying the ride and keeping a great perspective about all of the details. I love that. I love them.

We had a houseful here the past few days. My sweet sister gave her a bridal shower, family style. It was a time for the women on our side of the family to enjoy this time with Allie, and to celebrate with her! We had such a nice time. First there was some shopping. You know, girl time. Da best!


In the past few times together, I’ve learned that it’s smart to follow this girl around go where she goes. She has such a good eye.:)I love my sis!


Want to see the pix of the Bridal Shower? I have some!


(  The Invite  )


(  The Venue  )



( Grandmama and Allie  )


(  Table view  )



(  nom nom nom  )


(  Another table view  )


(Aunt and Cousin  )



(  Filling the room with laughter  )





(  The Bride to Be had Mac n Cheese–the signature dish at this restaurant. It’s unforgettable!  )


(  The Groom wrote out the thing he loves about his future Bride.

They were added to tags and wrapped around mini flower vases  )



(  Dessert was pretty much the entire chocolate torte. But the Whiskey and Creme Bread Pudding looked incredible too.  It was not a night to be pinching calories!  )





 ( Opening gifts in the parlor )


( Cousin and Aunt  )


We showered her with all sorts of vintage china place settings. After she opened the gift, we wrote the name of the Aunt, Cousin, Mom, Grandma on the bottom of the china. Now she knows who gave what. Won’t it be FUN to set her table? She has always wanted a mix and match style of china patterns, and now she has it. All from her family.


(  Linens made by her Great, Great Grandmother, Anna  )


  (  The Bride to Be and her Guests  )


Such a great evening and great weekend!

And So I Walk

Last year I started the routine of walking. In my neighborhood. Well, it didn’t start out as a routine…of course, but I’m the kind of person who likes routine (good ones) and it didn’t take long for walking every morning to turn into a routine, and then a full blown need. Now I love to walk. On many days I crave it.


Last Summer I walked every morning. Pretty much. And I would say for 5-6 months I walked the neighborhood. Somedays it was 25 minutes, and somedays it was up to 50. I love a challenge…and there is this hill. The momma honkin’ hill. It was my goal to get up that hill quickly and I am happy to report by the end of August (last year) I did. So did hubby. Woot!

So this Summer, I’ve been walking but not as much. I miss it and so I’ve started in again. Yes, running would be a better idea, but I like the walk.


It’s a time to get quiet. A time to clear your thoughts. The birds are the melody, and the occasional “good morning” from other folks along the sidewalk. It’s a time to pray, and a time to dream, to plan and a time to clear you mind of weeds.


And put flowers in their place.


There is a lady in our neighborhood who my kids labeled the purple lady. This is a shot of her yard. Magical, right? She always wears purple (for years every time we see her she is wearing purple). Her house has purple shutters, her flowers are purple, and her license plate even says MS PURPLE. So, I think that she would like the label my kids gave her. Anyhooooo….I have never spoken to her, but I sure do admire her purpleness.

Something else that seems to come alive along my morning walks is my attention to detail and sense of color. Both are very good things when you are an artist. I’m always finding something new on my escapades about. And new perspectives.



I love to bring those elements into my artwork later in the day, back in the studio. They keep me going.

Do you walk?


I’m getting excited about this: Studying Under the Masters is starting soon! I’ll be gearing up for this shortly. Hope you join me!



JulieAugust 4, 2014 - 8:28 pm

Yes, I walk nearly every evening! It does all the things for me you described. AND there’s a purple lady on our street!!! She drives a blueish purple car, her flowers are purple, her house accented with deep eggplant purple paint (it’s not as distasteful as you might imagine.) I asked once if her purple theme was inside her home as well. Without any hint of humor she said, “Oh no. Inside I embrace all kinds of different colors! In fact, I’m currently painting one bedroom lavender.”

Studying Under the Masters: Portraits and Self Portraits

I’ve got some exciting news to share! There is a great Online Course coming up very soon, and I’m really honored to be a part of it. When Jeanne contacted me about participating earlier this Spring, I knew right away I wanted to do this. I told her “yes, of course I’ll teach” because I *love* learning new things, and portraits are my jam, you guys. I get lost in them.

I love looking at portraits, creating my own, and creating imaginary ones and I use all sorts of various media to do it. Faces….are my favorite. 5 minute faces, 50 minute faces, 5 hour faces… love them all. I love to watch them come to life. Line after line, stroke after stroke and of course layer after layer. Layers are where it’s at. If you have never created a portrait, maybe you can’t identify with my passion for portraits. Hmmmm. maybe it’s worth looking into?!:)

Soooooo, yeah, this is going to be fun! Check out the fabulous artists teaching this Course:

studying under the masters teachers with names

I am a big fan of lots of these artists—so this is going to be fun! I love how Jeanne has incorporated artists from all over the world! That’s pretty cool. Each of us are picking a Master Artist and studying beneath them. Interpreting their work, identifying their styles in order to pinpoint our style (even it’s ever changing). That is how we artists (you and me) find your creative voice.

studyingunderthemasters artist quote

With practice, the apprentice becomes a master in their own light – mixing together old and new. I really really like the sound of that. If you have ever attended a class somewhere or sat and took classes (in real life or online), or read an artist’s book, and learned that artist’s favorite mediums and methods for creating “____” (fill in the blank)? Afterwards, you sat and wondered to yourself “what is my style”?  Have you ever been afraid to create art that was inspired by another artist? Then this Course is for you.

portaits and self-portraits

There is a side variety of Masters being studied in this Course; Picasso, Van Gogh, Blair, Whiteley and Beckmann. How wonderful, right?! My energy level rises just thinking about it!!


This 6 week Course (yeah 6 weeks!) begins September 30, and is available for 2 years.

Early registration starts today! The Early Bird Registration is $49.

After September 1, registration will be $62.

$62 is a great value considering all that is provided, but $49?!

Gasp, that’s a little bit crazy…in a good way.

Enroll now using the live link below. I look forward to seeing you in class!

I promise ya, our art will not be the same after this Course. I just know you will grow in so many ways. So exciting isn’t it?! It is.

 After you have paid from the link above, please go to jeannoliver.ning.com and register on the site where the course is held. Once you have registered and your account is approved you will be added to the course before the class begins on September 30th 2014.

Elaine NeidigJuly 28, 2014 - 1:41 pm

Hi Teresa,
I am so so happy that you will be one of the teachers for this coarse. I took the first one and am still working on it, but to see all my favorite artists come together. I am so over the top excited for you, I have always loved your style.